WELCOME to my blog!

let's learn and share together!

Oct 25, 2011

So excited to join the blog family!!

I am so new to this!  It took me 2 days to set up this blog.  So please bear with me while I learn as I go along.  I want this to be fun and encouraging for all of us!  I will use this as a type of therapy for myself.  I love to craft and I am somewhat of a beginner to most standards.  So if you will allow me to learn and grow in front of you, maybe we all can be inspired in some way or another.  Thanks so much and feel free to give any feedback.....hopefully all positive!  I want to keep it happy, lite, fun and positive!  So are you ready to take this ride with me?  I'm ready if you are!


  1. I just started my blog in February...it's confusing at times...but sooo mcuh fun. good luck :)


  2. Your blog and your projects look great! Come visit me www.mimi2trentdrew.blogspot.com. I love visitors too.