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Nov 28, 2013


Hello my Crafty friends!   I hope you all had a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving!!  Dinner was delicious and very traditional.  Our day was low key with just hubby and our 3 kids, who are really not kids anymore!  My son went to work today at Best Buy at 5pm until 2am!!  Then right back at 10am!! God bless him!  LOL  My girls went out to some early sales with friends! Well, that sums up my day.  I just wanted to show you the cards I made and to say hi!  If you are going out to some Black Friday sales, may you all be blessed and safe!

The bottom pic is the inside of the card above.  I love that saying about family!!
Well, thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you like my cards!!  Hope to see you back here real soon!!

Nov 27, 2013

Glass Etching......air eraser tool!

Hello my Crafty friends!  Today I am gonna tell you about my new toy!  I love gadgets and the easier to use the better!

I was doing a blog hop and came across Julie's blog, http://www.simplysilhouette.com.  On her post from October 20th, she talked about switching from the etching cream to the air eraser tool.  I was hooked!! Sometimes when I had used the creams, and I have 4 different ones, they don't always come out perfect. They run or are not even etc...!   I found  a Harbor Freights store close and I bought the last small air compressor they had in stock. It was waiting just for me!  I ordered my air eraser tool from amazon.

My daughter's dance group was having a Tricky Tray and she needed to donate a basket.  Her dance instructor is Kimmie Gee who is a backup dancer for Beyonce!!  The name of the class is Diva Dance.
I etched Diva on the wine glasses to represent the dance troop's name.  The first 2 pics below I used the Sil etching cream....see how it smeared and ran?  It could have been user error......
The next set of pics are the ones using the air eraser.......WoW!!  What a difference!!

Here is my finished basket!  I hope you like it!  I used the shrink wrap to keep everything inside the basket!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you like my blog today!!  Please come back again.  And let me know if you will try an air eraser too!  Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!