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Nov 4, 2011

My Marine...

Happy Friday!!

I want to congratulate Miss Emma's new DT members over at My Creative Time!  I will be following all of you!  I love what I have seen thus far and I look forward to learning from you all as we go along!!  Miss Emma, you did a fantastic job picking your DT members.  Although I submitted a project also, I know that I need to learn a lot more, but it was exciting just to get a chance to be considered!!  So now you know why I will be stalking, I mean following, all of you from now until her next call for new DT members!  LOL   I will be ready by then so watch out!!   :-)

So congrats again to all of you!!  I have left all of you a comment and started following the new ones today!!

If you have read my profile, you would know that my husband, Keith, was a marine for 20 years.  He has now been retired for 10 years.  He is now a member of the Marine Corps League, a club for retired marines that does a variety of volunteer work in our community.  Well, tonight is their early birthday dinner for the Marine Corps, whose birthday is November 12th.  Today's craft is a scrapbook page I made for my husband while attending one of the Marine Corps balls.  I loved going to the balls every year!  They were so much fun!

All the cuts and the sentiment are from the Stand and Salute cartridge.  The border was punched with the Martha Stewart star burst punch set.

I am so proud of my Marine and all he has done for this country!  Semper Fi!!

So you all go and have a fantastic weekend!  be blessed and thanks for stopping by!

Nov 1, 2011


Where oh where has the year gone??  It will be 2012 before you know it!  I have still been going through items in my craft room again today.  Why is it when you take something in one room, you find something that needs to be done in that room, and do that before you go back to the original room to finish up things in there? At this rate, I will never finish!  LOL

Feeling really thankful today so I wanted to share this with you.  While I was going through chemo earlier this year, a program called Cleaning For A Reason provides 1 free cleaning a month for 4 months for people that need help cleaning their homes while going through chemo.  So the company that came to clean my house was The Maids out of Atlanta.  This is their service car.  Cute, huh?

I loved seeing this car in my driveway, because that meant that the dust bunnies were going to be cleaned!  LOL  So on their last day, I made them these little boxes, and bags from Forever Young and Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.  I put Hershey miniatures inside all of them.  I know they look kind of plain, but I was very low on energy and creativity then.
I do hope they liked them, though.  It meant a lot to me and my family for them to volunteer their time to come clean our house!  They not only did the basic cleaning, they cleaned the baseboards, the ceiling fixtures, the window sills, the blinds and even the pictures and stuff hanging on the walls!!  AMAZING!!!

This is our home, so you can only imagine how long it took them to clean it after 2 teens, my husband and myself and all the detailed cleaning that they do!  And to know they did it for FREE each time they come out!!!!!  It warms my heart each time I think about it!

Not sure why I used the apple cutout on this one.....I used a mirrored piece of card stock for the head silhouette on the purse.

There was one man that worked with them, so that's why this bag has a necktie on it.

Maybe I will redo them now and add some glitz and glam to them!  Stay tuned.......

Thanks for visiting me today.  Hope you like what you saw.

supplies used:
Cricut Forever Young cartridge
Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes and More
Hersey chocolates

Oct 31, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Sunday!  My day was kind of low key.  I was back in the craft room sorting through stuff and today, so far, I have been in there too!  I didn't realize how much stuff I am accumulated over the years!!  But today I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.  For some reason I had my parents on my mind, so I decided to show you the cards I made for them.  I am very blessed to have both of my parents still in my life!!  They have been such great parents all of my life!  And they are awesome grandparents!!  We don't get to see them as often as I would like to because we live in different states, but I do talk to them several times a day!  

They both were made with the Imagine More Cards.  And the words "Dad" and "Mom love you" were make with Beyond Birthdays.  They are simple.....but from the heart!   :-)

Hope you like them too!  Thanks for visiting me today!  

comments always welcome!!  

Oct 29, 2011

a lovely fall Saturday.....

Hello everyone!  It has been a lovely cool fall day here.  I'm glad we are not like some parts of the country getting snow!!  So not ready for that!  We really don't get a lot of snow here in Georgia anyway.  So I have been organizing my craft room.....finally!  I had to move the stuff out of my bedroom and put it into the craft room.  Just trying to get my bedroom back! My crafty stuff has a way of sneaking into other rooms in the house trying to take over!  LOL  I would post a pic of the room, but someone might want to report me to hoarders!  LOL

Today I will post a card I made for a former student of mine for her quinceanera.  I had not seen her before her party, so I was kinda surprised when I saw her....you will see why too!

this is her seated just after arriving....and here is the card I came up with.....

So now do you see why I was kinda shocked when I saw her at the party? The card looked just like her!!  .....and I knew this card needed something else...so after looking through my stash, here I what I came up with.......

I think it came out very nice!! I had so much fun making this card for my student and seeing the look on her face when she opened it was priceless!!!   I hope you like it too!

supplies used:
Cricut Everyday Paper Dolls
Kanban Crafts Free as a Bird card set
AC card stock

thanks for stopping by.....and I hope you keep coming back!

Oct 28, 2011

It has been a very nice, low key, chilly Friday morning here!!  I love it!!  I wanted to say thanks to all the people who stopped by to take a peekie peek and to  all my followers!!  This is so exciting to me!!  As we go along and you get to know me a little better through this blog, you will see that I have a sense of humor!  So when I say things, don't think I'm crazy....well, yes you can.....'cause I am!!  I love to have fun!!

So, for today's post I made a Christmas card.  I love Christmas!!  It is by far my favorite holiday!!  Please hang in there with me, I know my skill level is not as high, but I'm sure the more I do, the better it will become.  Bear with me for the images if they don't look as clear...I and trying to figure out the best way to take the pics and upload them....any tips will be greatly appreciated!  :-)

Sorry that you can't see all the detail that is on the papers. 

I used My Creative Time's Big XL die to add background to the tree that was cut with Very Merry Tags cartridge.  You can't really tell but the background striped paper as well as the white paper are glittered and textured. 

The smaller tree and sentiment is from My Creative Time's All Around Christmas.  You can kinda see the glitter on this pic..

....and the I thought it needed something else added...so I made a bow. I hope you like it.  I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you.

supplies used:
My Creative Time Big XL die
My Creative Time All Around Christmas stamp set
My Creative Time scallop and stitched circle dies
DCWV Summer glitter matstack
Paperbilities  papers
Craft Narrows sheer ribbon 
Very Merry Tags cartridge
3 Birds Bling Bling Goodies

thanks for stopping by!!  comments always welcomed!

Oct 27, 2011

Good afternoon everyone.  The past few days has been very busy.  I am trying to do something I never done before......and that's apply to be on a Design Team!  I have been so excited about submitting something for Miss Emma at My Creative Time that I have had butterflies in my stomach!!  She is so talented and so creative.....that I can only dream of being chosen....but I applied anyway!  So here is what I came up with to submit.

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I chose to make the snowman with the pink ribbons.  It was so much fun to put this together.  I do enjoy looking back over the things that I make and smile!

I was surprised at how my bow came out!  Pretty cute, huh?

I used My Creative Time scallop and stitched circle die set for this part.  I also used My Creative Time All Around Christmas stamp set for the sentiment and smaller snowman!

and to highlight the snowman, I used My Creative Time XL Label die to make it kinda look like my snowman has wings.....LOL!    So, I hope you like it!  Feel free to comment!

supplies used:
My Creative Time XL Label Die
My Creative Time scallop and stitched circle dies
My Creative Time All Around Christmas stamp set
Paperbilities accent papers
DCWV Summer glitter matstack background papers
Me and My Big Ideas Mambi sheets - breast cancer awareness pack
Peachy Keen Stamps Everyday Character Face Assortment
pink and green ribbon from my stash

thanks again for stopping by!!

Oct 25, 2011

So excited to join the blog family!!

I am so new to this!  It took me 2 days to set up this blog.  So please bear with me while I learn as I go along.  I want this to be fun and encouraging for all of us!  I will use this as a type of therapy for myself.  I love to craft and I am somewhat of a beginner to most standards.  So if you will allow me to learn and grow in front of you, maybe we all can be inspired in some way or another.  Thanks so much and feel free to give any feedback.....hopefully all positive!  I want to keep it happy, lite, fun and positive!  So are you ready to take this ride with me?  I'm ready if you are!