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Nov 27, 2013

Glass Etching......air eraser tool!

Hello my Crafty friends!  Today I am gonna tell you about my new toy!  I love gadgets and the easier to use the better!

I was doing a blog hop and came across Julie's blog, http://www.simplysilhouette.com.  On her post from October 20th, she talked about switching from the etching cream to the air eraser tool.  I was hooked!! Sometimes when I had used the creams, and I have 4 different ones, they don't always come out perfect. They run or are not even etc...!   I found  a Harbor Freights store close and I bought the last small air compressor they had in stock. It was waiting just for me!  I ordered my air eraser tool from amazon.

My daughter's dance group was having a Tricky Tray and she needed to donate a basket.  Her dance instructor is Kimmie Gee who is a backup dancer for Beyonce!!  The name of the class is Diva Dance.
I etched Diva on the wine glasses to represent the dance troop's name.  The first 2 pics below I used the Sil etching cream....see how it smeared and ran?  It could have been user error......
The next set of pics are the ones using the air eraser.......WoW!!  What a difference!!

Here is my finished basket!  I hope you like it!  I used the shrink wrap to keep everything inside the basket!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you like my blog today!!  Please come back again.  And let me know if you will try an air eraser too!  Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!  

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